Hungarian-founded Prezi announces new products and AR ambitions

Hungarian-founded Prezi announces new products and AR ambitions

Hungarian/American company Prezi has announced its newest presentation platform product Prezi Next and will demonstrate its AR presentation technology this week at TED Vancouver.

Prezi makes products for creating and analysing presentations. Prezi Next, it said, has integrated new editing and analytics functions that make the product more intuitive. It’s aimed at both individual users and large teams.

The product was build based on insights from the company’s 85 million users, explained CEO Peter Arvai.

The company is also committed to developing augmented reality technology for presentations. This week Dr Robert Sapolsky, renowned neuroscientist from Stanford University, will be presenting a talk at its San Francisco offices, demonstrating the company’s AR technology for the first time.

“Prezi Next also sets the foundation for us to adopt, support, and implement emerging and future technologies, such as the augmented reality prototype we are previewing at TED 2017 this week,” said Arvai. TED was an initial investor in Prezi, according to a spokesperson for the company, which has raised over $72 million to date.

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