Do We Want 5G in the EU? Featured

Do We Want 5G in the EU?

The EU has it high on their list of tech priorities.

The UK is putting £200 million into 5G research this year, but many people think that a more pressing priority for government is to find a way to make it in the operators’ best interest to make the coverage of 3G and 4G signals consistent, universal and robust.

At the moment there is no incentive on operators to improve their networks. Until governments act to put such incentives in place, improvements are unlikely to happen.

More and more people are making the point that it’s a waste of money just providing faster access when what people want is certain access.

Many people reckon that consumers don’t want 5G, what they do want is an available, uncongested signal whether it’s 3G or 4G.

Uncongested 3G signals would deliver all the speed consumers want, and getting a signal means a lot more to people than getting a faster connection than 3G.

It is 17 years since spectrum was sold for 3G but many people can’t get 3G at all and most people have found difficulty, at some time, in picking up a 3G signal when 3G coverage is supposed to be available.

So momentum is building to change the government’s mobile communications priorities.

However with a 5G spectrum auction pencilled in for later this year, the government will be banging on about the advantages of 5G at least until then.

5G is as yet undefined but is generally seen as 10Gbps+ theoretical download speed.

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