German social app Jodel raised €6 million and the US is next

German social app Jodel raised €6 million and the US is next

Berlin-based social app Jodel has received €6 million from investors in Silicon Valley. The backers include Adam di Angelo, Facebook's first CTO and founder of Quora, and the Floodgate Fund, with participation from the Global Founders Network, Rubylight, and Atlantic Internet.

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Jodel's users can post to the network anonymously, and anyone within a radius of 10 kilometres can see the post. The startup says there are about five million posts a day to the network, which is mainly active in Germany and Scandinavia. So far the majority of users are students, and it has been known for its spreading of silly jokes. However the app has also made the news for inciting pro-social actions, like donating to a local homeless man.

With the new investment round, Jodel wants to keep growing and move into the US market.

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