Spotify Surpasses 140 Million Monthly Active Users

Spotify Surpasses 140 Million Monthly Active Users

Spotify is seen as the insurmountable juggernaut of the streaming music platforms, and with the company’s latest announcement, that perception may not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Today, Spotify announced that its service has officially surpassed 140 million monthly active users. That coincides with an announcement the streaming platform made back in March of this year, where it confirmed that it had passed 50 million paid subscribers. So while the company has inevitably added more paid subscribers since then, this latest milestone means that Spotify has around 90 million users on its free tier.

For its part, Apple officially announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference that its competing service, Apple Music, has 27 million paid subscribers. The numbers for Apple are certainly climbing at a steady rate, but Spotify’s lead may be insurmountable at this point. Then again, Apple’s certainly not going to give up on getting people to switch, thanks to a variety of exclusive content.

Are you using Spotify, and if so are you a paying subscriber or do you stick to the free tier?

[via Spotify]

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